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Survivor's Fortress Long-Term Preparedness Guide + Worksheets

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Survivor's Fortress Long-Term Preparedness Guide + Worksheets

Survivor's Fortress
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Do you want to be better prepared for emergencies but aren’t sure where to start or if you’re doing it right? This detailed Long Term Emergency Preparedness Guide and Worksheets walk you through the basic steps with sane, expert-verified advice for modern people. Written by Carmela Tyrell, our contributing writer at Survivor's Fortress and other preparedness sites such as Survivopedia assures you that the information in these worksheets is the distilled knowledge of a true prepper, someone who has experience doing everything explained in the guide and worksheets.

Whether you're a planner person or not, you need a way to get yourself organized and stay on track with your goals. This is the way!

Take action and work towards your goal with these 14 Printable Worksheets. This guide and worksheets are designed to help you figure out where to focus your efforts, develop a plan to get there, and track your progress. It helps you take on the small steps to reach the big milestones!

This Digital Long-Term Preparedness Guide and Worksheets provide a great way to get a high-quality Planning Tool to help you in structuring and organizing your long-term preparedness plan for you and your family and it does so at a very inexpensive price. Our worksheet can then be imported into your favorite PDF annotation app or software across multiple devices meaning you can bring your Digital Planner with you wherever you go!

Success happens one day at a time and these Long-Term Preparedness Worksheets will be your ultimate companion in achieving a solid long-term emergency plan. They are designed to guide you through all the essential areas to consider when preparing for long-term disasters and emergencies. Our Long-Term Planner Kit can easily be the most cost-effective way to put up a preparedness plan. When you’re done, you’ll be ready to handle the majority of what may come your way.


0. Long Term Preparedness Guide (5,000+ words guide)

1. Long Term Nutrition
2. Food Storage
3. Food Production
4. Water Purifying and Storage
5. Clothing and Accessories
6. Shelter
7. Heating, Cooling, Lighting, Cooking
8. Waste Management
9. Fitness Grooming and Hygiene
10. Herbs and Remedies
11. Property and Personal Defense
12. Power Generation
13. Communications
14. Schooling and Next Generation

15. Summary Worksheet

BONUS: Bug-out Bags Guide

BONUS: Survival Kit Recommended Shopping Guide.

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You will get a 5,000+ words long term preparedness guide, 15 worksheets and two bonus eBooks. The Bug-out Bags Guide and The Survival Kit Shopping Guide.

One 5,000+ Words Guide
14 Worksheets
Our Bug-Out Bags Guide
The Survival Kit Shopping Guide
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